Stuart Haygarth’s Repurposed Art Is Both Inviting and Ominous

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Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities, usually involving imaginative or technical skill.

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When pondering the creations of Stuart Haygarth, one is immediately drawn to the thought that art, more often than not, imitates life.

In this mad world that takes itself far too seriously, Haygarth offers a new perspective through repurposed art. His handmade and one of a kind design, crafted with found or recycled items and objects, have grown incredibly popular on the art scene.Haygarth illuminates these elements of estrangement. Moreover, his art shows us remorse, beauty, and without the use words, gives us much to contemplate. His whimsical and inventive pushes the boundaries between colour, light, texture and sense.

The most amazing and fascinating part of Haygarth’s creations really is seeing how something that was once trash, tossed away to rot, is then reborn.

Recycled art Repurposed Art Stuart Haygarth

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